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Aromatherapy Massage (M/F)
Thai Massage (M/F)
African Stone Massage  (M/F)
Balinese Massage (M/F)
Shiatsu Massage (M/F)
Warm Candle Massage (M/F)
Wine Massage (M/F)
Royal Java Massage (Deep Tissue) (M/F)
Tirta Queen Massage (M/F)
Gayatri Spice Thermal Massage (M/F)
Bamboo Herbal Massage (M/F)
Pregnancy Massage (M/F)
Queen Cleopatra (F)
Papyrus Flower (M)
Lavender (M/F)
Lotus Flower (M/F)
Myrrh (M/F)
Oud (M/F)
Boreh Bali (M/F)
Chocolate Body Mask (M/F)
Avocado Mask (M/F)
Detoxifying Green Tea Scrub(M/F)
Yoghurt Body Scrub (M/F)
Coffee Body Scrub (M/F)
Milky Body Scrub (M/F)
Indulgence Hammam (M/F)
Revitalizing Hammam (M/F)
Hammam Rhassoul (M/F)


De-stress and Relax Treatments
Tirta Ayu Signature Ritual
Tirta Asmaralaya Romantic Sensual (Couple)
Romantic Couple Ritual
Chocolate Palm Sugar Package
Balinese Treatment Package
The Royal Coffee Scrub
Royal Javanese Ritual
Milky Body Treatment
Relaxing Tirta Treatment
Avocado Body Scrub
Lulur Jawa Package
Lulur Jawa Royal Bridal Package
Anti-Aging Facial (M/F)
Skin Brightening Facial (M/F)
Exotic Jade Brightening Facial (M/F)
Aromatherapy Facial (M/F)
Traditional Facial (M/F)
Acuderma Facial (M/F)
Lift & Firm Facial (M/F)
Active Peel Facial (M/F)
Jade Brightening Facial (M/F)
Bamboo De-stress Facial (M/F)
Exotic Tirta V-Spa (F)
Resik Arum V - Spa (F)
Ratus Putri Dedes
Rapet Arum V-Spa (M/F)
Swarga Asmaradana
Bust Firming Program(F)
Bust Lifting Program (F)
The Wonder Bust Treatment
Foot Massage (M/F)
Traditional Manicure (M/F)
Traditional Pedicure (F)
Reflexology (M/F)
Reflexology (M/F)
Herbal Foot Spa (M/F)
Tirta Kids Massage (M/F)
Twinkle Toes & Fancy Fingers
Mini Facial
Chocolate/Strawberry Scrub
Mommy & Me
Kids Herbal Hair Compress
Kids Natural Hair Cream Bath
Steam Room
Sauna/Steam with Treatment

COVID-19 Protocols

Your wellbeing has always been a priority for us and high standards of hygiene and cleanliness are already a given in all our locations.

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