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Herbal V-Compress

V-Herbal compress is 100% herbs that contain medicinal herbs are mixed together using ancient recipes where herbs by heating the drug on the body to react positively and work optimally treat the sick part. Tirta Ayu V-Herbal compress wrapped in special cloth without bleaching process.
Eliminate vaginal muscle tension and relieve pain while menstruating stomach without taking drugs.
Open the blockage and the blood circulation around the vagina and reproductive organs.
Both are used for people who give birth, helping postpartum recovery, and speed up the recovery process womb.
Cope with menopausal syndrome.
Wet-Compress Herbal V Herbal V then heat-Compress with a steamer for 20 minutes, after a hot soak can be directly used for massage circle / circular muscles in the vagina and abdominal pain.

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