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Green Tea Mask (M/F)
Avocado Mask (M/F)
The Royal Coffee Scrub (M/F)
Chocolate Body Mask (M/F)
Orange Body Polish (M/F)
Avocado Body Scrub (M/F)
Detoxifying Green Tea Scrub (M/F)
Chocolate Scrub (M/F)
Boreh Bali (M/F)

It is a therapy that cleans out dirt in the ear cavity, reduces stress, improves concentration, and can help with people who suffer from sinuses.

This therapy was specially designed to care for your ears. It comes with a special ear, neck and shoulder massage for your ultimate well being

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Braiding (Appointment only)
Therapeutic Scalp Ritual (M/F)
Hot Stone Hair Cream Bath (M/F)
Hair Mask (M/F)
Hair Spa (M/F)
Natural Hair Cream Bath (M/F)
Herbal Hair Compress (M/F)
Herbal Foot Spa (M/F)
Reflexology (M/F)
Spa Manicure (M/F)
Spa Pedicure (M/F)
Mommy And Me
Chocolate Scrub/Strawberry Scrub
Mini Facial
Twinkle Toes & Fancy Fingers
Tirta Kid Massage
Susut Singset Slimming Therapy (M/F)
Anti-Aging Facial (M/F)
Skin Brightening Facial (M/F)
Exotic Jade Brightening Facial (M/F)
Aromatherapy Facial (M/F)
Traditional Facial (M/F)
Shiatsu Massage (M/F)
Balinese Massage (M/F)
Gayatri Spice Thermal Massage (M/F)
Tirta Queen Massage (M/F)
Warm Candle Massage
Africa Stone Massage (M/F)
Thai Massage
Aromatherapy Massage (M/F)
Relaxing Tirta Treatment (M/F)
Milky Body Treatment (M/F)
Lulur Jawa /Javanese Royal Scrub (M/F)
Fresh Avocado Body Spa (M/F)
Tirta Asmaralaya Romantic Sensational Package (M/F)
Tirta Signature Ritual (M/F)
Royal Javanese Ritual (M/F)
The Royal Coffee Scrub (M/F)
Balinese Treatment Package (M/F)
Chocolate Palm Sugar Package (M/F)
Romantic Couple Ritual (M/F)
Exotic Tirta V-Spa (F)
Resik Arum V - Spa (F)
Ratus Putri Dedes
Rapet Arum V-Spa (M/F)
Swarga Asmaradana
Bust Treatment (F)
Bust Lifting Program (F)
The Wonder Bust Treatment
Post Natal Treatment (F)